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From 1 September 2022, applicants for the "Long-Term Resident (LTR) visa" will have to submit their application and documents online with the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) at https://ltr.boi.go.th/. BOI will consider all required documents and make approvals.

Once approved by BOI, applicants in Australia shall apply for the LTR visa with the Royal Thai Consulate Sydney, and Royal Thai Embassy in Canberra by post or in person.

Please apply in advance by sending an email to [email protected] and allow 5-15 working days for the Consulate to approve the LTR visa (this time range excludes the period of consideration from BOI). 


*** Click to download an application form and completed it, then post (or drop off in person) an application form with all approved documents by BOI, with an original passport.

*** Visa fee of "$3,000" (Money Order or Bank Cheque must be paid & addressed to ROYAL THAI CONSULATE). Please ensure that your name is written down on the back of the money order or cheque.



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