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Legalization of Foreign Document


General Information

  • Prior to using the Australian document in Thailand, the document should be first authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of Australia.
  • For further information about the legalization services of the DFAT. Please contact 1300 935 260 to book an appointment with DFAT for the legalization service. For further information, please click here.


Required Documents

  • Original authenticated documents
  • Copy of every page of the original authenticated documents
  • A copy of passport or Identification card or driver’s license of the owner of documents
  • Download and complete the legalisation form
  • The application fee is AUD 25.00 per document (Cash or Debit Card Only) or a money order is accepted. Money order payable to "Royal Thai Consulate-General, Sydney"

In case of submitting an application by Mail, please send all required documents to:

Royal Thai Consulate-General, Sydney, Australia
Level 8, 131 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW 2000

You must also provide a self-addressed return envelope (registered envelope recommended) for the return of documents.


For further inquiry, please send an email to [email protected]