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Application for an E-Passport


General Information

  • Applicants must apply for a new passport prior to the expiration of the old passport or when the validity of the passport is less than 6 months.
  • E-passport cannot be renewed. Applicants must apply for a new passport prior to the expiration of the old passport.
  • The E-passport is valid for 5 years.
  • The name and surname in the E-passport are consistent and in accordance with the personal data on the House Registration document. Should the applicant wish to change the surname after marriage or divorce, the applicant is required to apply for an amendment of his/her personal data at the Thai District Offices in Thailand prior to applying for a new E-passport.
  • For the minor that is born abroad, the minor is entitled to have his/her first Thai passport without requiring to register for the 13-digits Thai national identification number. However, it is advised that the parents register for the Thai national identification number for the minor as it is mandatory in order to issue the second Thai passport for the minor when the first one expires or is lost.


Applying for E-passport

  • E-passport contains biometric information that is used to authenticate the identity of the passport holder so one must apply for an E-passport in person only.
  • The application fee is AUD 60.00 (Cash or Debit Card Only)and takes approximately 4-8 weeks to process.
  • If the passport is lost or stolen, a police report needs to be submitted with the application form.


Required Documents


Passport Collection

Applicants can collect their passports by

  • bringing the expired passport and the pick-up slip to collect the passport in person or
  • giving authorization to another person to collect the passport on their behalf by signing their name on the pick-up slip and the expired passport has to be bought as well or
  • bringing a returned envelop (registered envelope recommended) for the Royal Thai Consulate-General to send the passport by post.


For further enquiry, please send an email to [email protected]